Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 bills paid to foreign fixed up on the boss

You have had the experience? Beyond the pale finally find a favorite in the foreign work, but because of salary negotiations with the owner of the problem in English and lack of skills and missed opportunities. Come and see us for your summarizes the experience of 5, maybe will bring you unexpected gains Oh!
First, they ignore
How to deal with the payroll records of the past have required application or ads?
Key words: Do not include salary requirements. (Do not write your salary requirements into.)
Maybe you think, if you do not mention salary problem, employers do not look to see it not in the adventure? But you have not thought about, if you can not find out the salary range changes abruptly before selling themselves out, this not to take more risk in it? So you better like this: I expect a salary commensurate with my experience and the job's demands. You can also add "negotiable", because of salary issues are often What could be further negotiated.
The second measure diversion
If the interview the boss asked you this one: What are you currently making? (How much money you now?), How do you answer?
The key sentence: What is important is not what I'm making but my skills. (In the past wage is not important, the key is my ability to work.)
This problem you must be careful to answer Oh. If you currently pay too little, then answered the question directly will not give you any good. I suggest that you can say: What I'm making is not important.What is important is whether or not my skills are what you need, and I'm confident that the range will be fair. If there are other candidates at the same time and your competition, so that you can not placed at a disadvantage. Remember: the wages of the past is not important, the key is to show your ability to work and you can do for the contribution.
The third measure the proportion of control
When the boss finally pay you talk about specific numbers, you how to open it?
The key sentence: Get the employer to say a number first. (For employers, said first number.)
Every employer in the heart of the salaries are lower and upper limits of the number, they often within the limits of freedom in that adjustment. They hold your hand I do not know the inside story. When you do not know each other's way of thinking, you tend to self-worth down. Is this not exactly play into the hands of its? So, any salary in your request, please be sure to figure out the approximate price of it. If the psychological price it lower than you, you are given a higher salary than you are at least 10% -20% of the price. If you take this position too little money, then the appropriate number of re-elevation.
Do not remember the exact figures. Such as $ 45,000, so likely to result in deadlock. May wish to increase wages to the other party, such as $ 35,000 - $ 40,000 between, you can say: We're pretty close --- I'm seeking arange of $ 38,000 - $ 45,000, due to my extensive professional experience and impressive achievements.How flexible is your upper salary range? so both sides can continue the discussion go on smoothly.
More aggressive in the fourth recruit
If you have to first asking price, then how should we do?
Key words: Make the low end as high as you are comfortable with. (Do not set too low the bottom line!)
Give a general and what you think about the same range, but remember: your employer will often stare at the bottom line, the bottom line so you can not set too low. If you make $ 3500, state a range of $ 4200 to $ 5500 or so. Given a large room, the discussion naturally more flexible.
The principle of the fifth recruit
When employers want to contact your previous organization to verify your salary, how can you do?
Key words: Think it over. (To re-consider this to work.)
If in interviews, like "Show us your pay stub." (Please show your payroll.) Such a question makes you feel very uncomfortable, then you should seriously think about the. Into this company, you will have freedom and respect it? To tell the truth, you want a threat to the person of your intention to work it? I want to remind you that: salary is important, respect is essential. A win both employers and employees respect each other's work is a win-win (win-win) outcome.

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