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SEO is often overlooked important details of the six

Recently busy, their stations and information stations IDC basically completed 80% of recent Daoshi help people a lot of words: Firefox, novel, furniture, PW, moon cake, non-mainstream ... ...

Many users feel when operating in the SEO, or the new station on the line about the time. Site general direction, as well as some basic SEO operations understand, but for many of the details has been a lack of grasp on. Main said here often neglected under the SEO details.

Quote a famous saying: it seems.

SEO is concerned, although the details I can not say absolutely can determine success or failure, but in some extent, the details can really play a small but powerful chain of effects.

First, choose the meaning of similar domain names and keywords.

Search engine, Baidu is more clever at least. Domain name contains keywords could be very relevant role, certainly play a role in extra points. This is no doubt.

If you are a new station on the line, it is recommended that you choose good keywords in the post. Register a similar meaning to your keyword or the same domain name. The most common means is to use Pinyin. Or in your domain name contains keywords Pinyin. In the Baidu search "SEO" look. Station on the first page, all with the basic domain name "seo" word. Such as the famous novel network: a novel direct pinyin.

Second, the site selection process

This is also more important, there is a good program you will greatly website.

Speaking of websites for SEO program, estimated that most people would first think of zblog. The last ferry Tiger Valley contest it can be considered to be a handful of SEO. Indeed this process well, but it also does this procedure are using is too vast. And do not forget it is a blog program. robin also mentioned in the article as SEO is one strange build a blog simply to put yourself as a professional SEO. but you add in a separate directory, a blog is sometimes a good idea.

I had given a proposal, PW station root plus a zblog (found in the majority of this trade is a static station) and regularly updated to bring your web page and crawl and update the existing position of this station In Baidu / GG / yahoo are good. Although the ranking up there is no absolute relationship with zblog, but initially the desired results, which have played a desired effect.

Point Stone Forum: procedures used DZ forum is also a very good system, master modify some relevant settings, can be written major stations. Blog for SEO is that he is missing most of the Mishap interaction, only by the blogger posts, spectators can only make replies. Another, the blog is also difficult to Zuocheng with enthusiasm. Here, I just suggest that you stop if it is to long for, the best to choose a CMS system. CMS station with the greatest benefits for the general good CMS is optimized for the good inside, especially the directory structure is the spider crawl. Function as long as tag, can be customized directory, each page can define keywords and description of the basic functions can, kingcms I use more. Of course, dedecms this is sometimes more trouble some of PHP.

Third, the choice of site space

This is probably not many people care about. And now sell too much space. I understand that now the majority owners to buy the space or the map of cheap. Here I give an example: the space with 10,000 net, IDC than some of the space junk to much better. Your fast. And stable. This is because of the million net Baidu IP section of IDC points higher confidence. This may sound You Dianxuan novice, but the number of veterans to buy space certainly felt. IDC to sell a lot of waste space. May exist on a server hundreds of sites, this tool can check the out. If the above are the more mess stop. 1 However, server Meanwhile, over three to five points by K. then your station is likely to be involved, I have mentioned before: there are not even take effect Baidu, more ruthless. If you are qualified, it is best to rent a stand-alone server, only to put their own websites above, but this higher cost.

Fourth, the link quality

For owners, in particular, like SEO's. Certainly every day to exchange a few links. This is normal. Most are now required to link each other with their own website and back to a certain correlation. This is a good habit. But not the only criteria. For the time not to care about the link PR value, its position will accomplish little, and brush up in the blast and more. Not relevant, but the other side stood the engine has a very popular keyword ranking the proposed exchange. Your time is not long, not many pages, link to JS call, but high world rankings, there is no need to change. Finally, we must always maintain the external links, look at the link station has not deleted your link, look at the other stations are normal. Generally examined weekly.

Fifth, greater use of long tail words

Many novice new to SEO or SEO are an old hand operation when the target once often set too high, resulting in tired and out of their own rankings do not work. For example, someone told me that he wants to use the word fiction washed three months to go the second page of Baidu. I looked for him, said: good to achieve this goal. First of all, the word is too hot, 89 million daily search volume, the current ranking are already more professional standing, and Baidu itself also bid up the word (this more ironic). You can look at the following related Baidu search, to find a word related to Long Tail is not very intense competition to make. Then a friend chose "Love Story" word. Now has less than a month on the second page, of course, black hat with a number of means, can not say here address.

Speaking of long tail, and a friend to a "legend in the world, PW", a long time not see results, for the end of a month ago started a lot of words, such as: to open today, Last, the new open like that. Drive from the main word, legendary in the world, PW began to float the second to the third page. Comparison of grazing much of this term sheet. There 璺戣窇 Kart (said to a lot of webmasters like to play) the word, the basic make up the main word little hope. However, you can go to "璺戣窇 Kart download", "璺戣窇 Kart video" and other words, a few more words long tail up, on the subject of much help.

Sixth, keyword layout

Whether you know anything about, first of all keywords will not be stacked. Accumulation over the new station, only two results, one was included K 2 is very difficult. Old stand down if that is the right of the pile. Keywords layout must consider reasonable. In particular, the description of your keywords in the layout, it is best included in a very smooth, then inside, but there is also no more than three times as good. General Home at the top there will be navigation section, where you can look around the keyword to write column names.鏈変簺鏍忕洰鍚嶏紝鍙洿鎺ュ啓鎴愰暱灏捐瘝锛屼絾鏄悓鏍蜂笉瑕佸お杩囷紝涓嶈姣忎釜鏍忕洰鍚嶉兘鍖呮嫭鍏抽敭瀛楋紝杩欎笉鏄ソ鐜拌薄銆?There are all aware of, and in the top of the page, there can be relatively dense point keyword. Less of the middle. Bottom can be slightly more appropriate.浣嗘槸杩樻槸涓?彞璇濓細涓?畾瑕佽鍏抽敭瀛楀悎鐞嗛『搴旂殑鍑虹幇涓嶈鐢熺‖鐨勮繛鎺ャ? Keyword density of 2-6 is better control, personal feel.

銆??鏈?悗鍛婅涓?簺鏂版墜锛?br />
Novice is best for the end of the beginning word, because see results fast.鑷繁鐨勭悊璁哄疄璺佃捣鏉ヤ篃寰堝鏄撹鏁堟灉銆?br />
Do not go trying to make that search more than 20,000 words a day, unless you have confidence in their own super. Some more about search volume in 5000 is more suitable.

See more of the SEO experience of some excellent articles, other, more important is: just do it!


Do not go for points to SEO. Search engine optimization web site promotion is only a means, by no means all of the site.

Do not go to GGAD or a Union to make points, so not much for the future.

Do not think that SEO is nothing mysterious thing, it is very simple.


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