Saturday, September 25, 2010

Liu: Do not play tricks to play on the capital

Then more fire than the entrepreneur Liu disappeared one by one. Is the last remaining few, can hardly lead to hot spots. And Liu is an exception. The veteran entrepreneur, now speaks more to how the ugly duckling turned into private capital, Golden Phoenix. Production and marketing of products from business, to concentrate on making "good company" risk investors, Liu quietly completed between this fundamental transformation.

Experience the acquisition of IBM PC business integration of the global drama, and investment bank for many years in command Lenovo Liu, mention is no longer "set strategy, take the team, build team" of nine character Scriptures, nor start wading through marshes, the Digestion out what ordinary people can not tolerate, common sense should not be hidden in the darkness hide the mentality. A new vision and theme, Chinese entrepreneurs have taken possession of the veteran's heart: the introduction of strategic investors, corporate governance reform, adjustment of incentives and decision-making, hiring the right people, and strengthen strategic planning and implementation capacity enhance the business management philosophy, process management and cash management, optimizing capital structure, enhance shareholder returns of capital flow of operations.

Liu looked totally relaxed after the transfiguration

The story is the transformation of Chinese glass from entrepreneurs to investors Liu's successful transition to live footnote.

As one studies and future aspirations of young people with great, easy, confident smile of concentration waves in Liu's face. A 20-year-old youth went to the rostrum of the way of where the request business cards Liu, Liu hands and passed out, then asked, "Your card? You do not give my business card?" Get young people excited no business card, he Liu felt him ask for business cards that moment, he has long admired leader with equality between.

The young people may not know, this approachable to build a network of capital the most important weapon. Capital will and mind have been incorporated into Liu's blood. He told officials to deal with particular skill, a very close and almost sat down. Of course, he did not talk to them about computers and the PE, he was always very comfortable to cut into the officials concerned to discuss the problems and he, to make officials feel with him the glory and celebrity chat with not only great income. Many business leaders first met with Liu, and can create a kind of intimacy, which determines with Legend Hony Capital investment or business.

New View of Capital balancing

Liu capital thinking in the body chemistry is so strong, in the past because the Chinese people set things right technique master, now become a means of flexible capital master.

Lenovo takeover offer for PB in the same computer, Digital China, Legend Holdings stock holdings. Share transfer is completed, Lenovo Holdings will be reduced to 47.43 percent from 17.83 percent stake, while Guo Wei, CEO of Digital China stake from the current 0.10% to 10.29%. Guo Wei resulting from the completion of professional managers to the company's major shareholders Role. Obviously, this is the introduction of new shareholders, private equity Liu, adjust the structure of governance structure and business logic in the application of Digital China.

Lenovo Group's acquisition of IBM PC later, in between Yang and Guo Wei, forming a great imbalance. Comparing salaries alone would have taken place in heaven and on earth changes. From 2006 to 2007 fiscal year, Guo Wei received salary and bonuses in the fiscal year totaled 8.192 million Hong Kong dollars, while its position very little of the "brothers" Yang in 2005 and 2006 the total remuneration of the fiscal year and up to 21.75 million Hong Kong dollar. The borrowed capital to bridge the income gap between the two.

Liu claimed in an interview, Digital China for the changes in ownership, Digital China and Legend Holdings is the company's long-term development based on active arrangements. Here, "the initiative to organize" a far-reaching implications. In the eyes of Liu, Lenovo will always be a family.

Wings to the real Tiger

Guo Wei Liu has been that the true tiger, the tiger back to the real wings and let him become a master.

Together with Liu's generation of Chinese entrepreneurs in business, most of them can not Tiger, but did not give the idea of the tiger wings. Enterprise strongman Zong, chairman, president, vice president to face it, no more than 20 years running businesses out of a trustworthy team. Most family businesses do not align with international capital, nor the introduction of modern corporate governance structure, only to their own ability to become slaves of their own, working 10 hours a day, not the company to persons other than children. But they can not avoid the natural growth rings, they are getting old, but lack successors.

People to improve the sense of the world through access to their own view of things if the fire hole. Lenovo's Liu path through the trip. In order to train successors, and would rather sacrifice some short-term benefits of enterprise development, to complete the group split in two in order to allow room for the tiger to have a beat. He always concerned about the tiger situation, the time to the wings to the wings, the time to power to power, the time to stock to stock. A business grows, a management team also will grow up. Going thus into the company.

Contempt for what they themselves do not understand, according to their ability to judge things are wrong is stupid. This is the intellectual superior of the generation of entrepreneurs as a common problem. To ease the succession crisis, as the primary need, like Liu, transforming the tempered stupid.

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